Summary of MSAC applications for CMR reimbursement

Reimbursement Committee: Joseph Selvanayagam  (chair),  Jonny Younger, Sylvia Chen, Christian Hamilton-Craig and the CSANZ Imaging Council.


This is application 1237. This encompasses patients with chest pain in whom a functional stress perfusion test will evaluate ischaemia (based around CE-MARC trial). 

A draft consultation protocol has been released by PASC for public comment and is available for download here

Comments on the consultation protocol close 14th November 2014.


Application 1393 is a separate application which will encompass function and tissue characterization for abnormal echocardiography patients (LGE, T1mapping, T2*) .This item may have broad relevance to the Cardiology and Radiology community for diagnostic imaging.  This will be considered separately by MSAC, see email below:

"The application for Cardiomyopathy has been assigned Application Number  1393.  This application is at the beginning of the process, therefore a  draft protocol is currently under development to be considered by PASC"

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